The implementation and certification of quality systems

In order to meet ever increasing quality requirements for manufacturers of welded products, as well as new regulations of the Construction Law in the European Union we created an offer for manufacturing companies. For the manufacturers of steel building constructions, we offer the implementation of our Company Manufacture Control system (ZKP) in the manufacturing plant, based on European standards EN 1090, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2.

The current European Construction Law requires from manufacturers to mark their products with the CE mark. In order to do this, it is necessary to implement and certify the Company Manufacture Control system (ZKP) in the manufacturing plant. The manufacturers of welded, steel and aluminum products have to conduct their production activity on the basis of a series of standards of EN 1090. Our job is to assess the profile of the company, create the administrative and manufacturing procedures, train staff, prepare the manufacturing plant for the certification audit. We also help to choose the right Notified Body.

With our help, the implementation of any quality management system will not be a problem, and will definitely contribute to the increase of the quality of your company’s products and help you to be competitive in the market.

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