Welding supervision

As the International welding engineers (IWE) we conduct welding supervision according to the requirements of the series of standards on Quality Assurance System in welding EN ISO 3834. In accordance with the guidelines included in this standard, each manufacturer engaged in the production of welded products should have an experienced and qualified staff in order to manage the welding production. Not everyone is able to employ and retain such staff in his plant. Thus, we present an offer to use us as subcontractors to conduct welding supervision. Our experience gained within different industries and large manufacturing plants will certainly contribute to the improvement of the quality and productivity of your company.

We provide supervision both in the workshop and on the construction site. The scope of the service includes:

– The overview of the project in terms of welding processes

– Preparation of welding plans including Welding procedure specification (WPS).

– If necessary, carrying out the Welding Procedure Qualification and obtaining the WPQR

– Verifying the qualifications of the welders and, if necessary, examining them in order to acquire the appropriate qualifications

– The quality acceptance of the welded construction during production as well as coordinating of Non-Destructive Testing NDT of welded joints.

– Preparation of the final and quality documentation needed for the final acceptance of the product

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